2010 Special Paint Schemes

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paint schemes

Primary Firestorm Paint Scheme

2010 Paint Scheme firestorm

National Guard Paint Scheme

2010 Paint Scheme Nat Guard

Atlanta – 3/7
Darlington – 5/8
Michigan – 6/13
New Hampshire – 9/19
Martinsville – 10/24
Talladega – 10-31

Pepsi Max Scheme

2010 Paint Scheme Pepsi Max CFS Champion

Las Vegas – 2/7
October – California (Not confirmed at this time)
Courtesy of The Sunday Hauler

Honoring our Soldiers Paint Scheme

Coca Cola 600 – Charlotte – 5/30

Courtesy of The Sunday Hauler
Ryan McGee of ESPN from his Twitter.

National Guard Military Intelligence

Richmond  9/11
Courtesy of  The Sunday Hauler.

National Guard Special Forces

Texas – 4/18
Image from Jeff Gordon’s Facebook page

Police Museum

Dover 9/26
Courtesy of  The Sunday Hauler.

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